ChatEngine Packages (chatengine.jar)
org.relayirc.chatengine The org.relayirc.chatengine provides higher level IRC classes such as Server, Channel and User.
org.relayirc.core The org.relayirc.core package provides low level IRC connection functionality such as opening a connection, writing commands to a connection and closing a connection.

Swing UI Packages (relay-jfc.jar)
org.relayirc.swingui Classes for the Relay-JFC IRC chat client.
org.relayirc.swingui.beans Bean information classes for objects used in property sheet.
org.relayirc.swingutil JFC/Swing utility classes.
org.relayirc.swingutil.propsheet Property sheet component, based on Java Beans architecture.

Other Packages
org.relayirc.util General purpose utility classes.