Package org.relayirc.swingui

Classes for the Relay-JFC IRC chat client.


Interface Summary
IChatAction Actions returned by ChatApp.getAction() all implement this.
IRelayRunnable The interface that Relay-JFC plugins are expected to support.

Class Summary
AboutDlg About dialog for the Relay-JFC chat application.
ChannelFrame An MDI client frame that holds a ChannelPanel.
ChannelPanel A three-panel GUI for one IRC chat channel.
ChannelSearchFrame Internal frame/MDI client frame that holds ChannelSeachPanel.
ChannelSearchPanel A panel containing fields for specifying a channel search, a search button to start the search and a table in which to display the search results.
ChatAction Makes it easier to implement actions.
ChatApp Main class of the Relay-JFC chat application.
ChatOptions User's option settings such as nick name, font and colors as well as favorite servers, channels and users.
ChatOptionsDlg Dialog allows user to configure the chat client with user name, nick name and to select a server; all of the information which is stored in the ChatOptions ojbect.
ChatPanel A panel which provides a text pane for the (color coded) display of messages from the IRC server and, below that, a text field where the user may type in messages to be delivered to the IRC server.
ConnectDlg Connection dialog allows user to specify IRC server to which to connect and user information for connection.
ConsoleFrame Provides a display area for general messages from the IRC server.
CustomAction An IChatAction implementation that executes a JPython script, a Java class that implements IRelayRunnable or an IRC command.
CustomActionsPanel Provides UI for editing a collection of CustomActions.
CustomListenersPanel Provides UI for editing a collection of CustomListeners.
FavoritesFrame MDI client frame that holds FavoritesPanel.
FavoritesPanel Panel that holds a Favorites tree of favorite servers, channels and users.
GuiChannel A GuiObject that represents a channel.
GuiServer A GuiObject that represents a server.
GuiUser A GuiObject that represents a user: creates user actions and user popups.
JoinDlg Displays a JoinPanel.
JoinPanel Allows user to specify which channel is to be joined and to edit the favorite channel list.
PropDlg Property dialog for IChatObjects.
PropPanel Generic property panel with a description field.
PythonFrame An MDI client frame that holds a PythonPanel.
ServerAddDlg Dialog for editing a new or existing server object via a server holder: uses ServerAddPanel.
ServerAddPanel GUI for editing a Server object held by a ServerPanel.ServerHolder.
ServerListDlg Server list dialog allows user to edit the server list using the ServerListPanel component.
ServerListPanel Relay's server list editor panel.
ServerPanel JPanel for specifying IRC server and editing list of servers.
ServerPanel.ServerHolder Holds server objects during editing, so changes can be cancelled.
UserDlg Displays WhoIs information for an IRC user.
UserList List component which displays the users currently present in a chat channel.
UserPanel JPanel for specifying user information required for IRC connection.

Package org.relayirc.swingui Description

Classes for the Relay-JFC IRC chat client.