Package org.relayirc.swingutil

JFC/Swing utility classes.


Interface Summary
ITab Interface for a tab for use in a TabbedDialog.
ListEditorPanel.IHolder Holder holds list object
ListEditorPanel.IModel Model provides access to object list and object instantiation
MDIClientFrame Interface for an frame for use in an MDIPanel.
MDIClientPanel Interface for a panel for use in an MDIPanel.

Class Summary
ColorCombo Color combobox for choosing one of the 13 named colors in AWT.
DefaultListEditorDlg List editor dialog for editing lists of strings.
ErrorUtils A simple error/exception display dialog.
FontChooser Simple font selection panel.
GridBagConstraints2 Convenience class for creating grid bag constraints.
GuiListCellRenderer GuiObject-aware implementation ListCellRenderer.
GuiObject Gui object for use in Swing lists, trees, etc.
GuiTableCellRenderer GuiObject-aware implementation of TableCellRenderer.
GuiTableCellRenderer.UIResource A subclass of DefaultTableCellRenderer that implements UIResource.
IconManager Loads icons in ./images and hashes them by file name.
ListEditorPanel Provides UI for editing a list of objects.
MDIPanel Multi-Document Interface (MDI) panel that supports dockable frames.
PongSpinner Pong-style progress indicator with little box that bounces from left to right leaving a trail.
PythonPanel Interactive Jython panel that emulates the one in PythonWin IDE.
RadarSpinner Radar-style progress indicator with rotating chord inside circle.
Spinner Pong-style progress indicator with little box that bounces from left to right leaving a trail.
StandardDlg Modal dialog with border layout and Ok, Cancel and Help buttons in the south.
StatusBar Simple status bar with a progress spinner, a timer and a clock display.
TabbedDialog Tabbed dialog that manages tabs that implement the ITab interface.

Package org.relayirc.swingutil Description

JFC/Swing utility classes.