Interface ChannelSearchListener

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public interface ChannelSearchListener

Inteface for listening to progress of a channel search. Implement this interface to be notified of beginning of search, each channel that is found to meet the search criteria and the end of the search.

David M. Johnson

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Original Code: Relay IRC Chat Engine
Initial Developer: David M. Johnson
Contributor(s): No contributors to this file
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 by David M. Johnson
All Rights Reserved.

Method Summary
 void searchEnded()
          Called when seach ends.
 void searchFound(Channel chan)
          Called when channel is found that meets search criteria.
 void searchStarted(int channels)
          Called when seach begins.

Method Detail


public void searchFound(Channel chan)
Called when channel is found that meets search criteria.


public void searchStarted(int channels)
Called when seach begins.


public void searchEnded()
Called when seach ends.