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The goal of the Relay-IRC project is to create an easy-to-use, multi-platform and scriptable Internet Relay Chat (IRC) chat client and a set of Java classes for adding IRC capabilities to other Java programs.  

The main product of the project is Relay-JFC, shown above.  Relay-JFC is a full-featured IRC chat program that uses the Java Foundation Classes (JFC) to provide a GUI chat experience similar to MIRC.  Relay-JFC is open source software, released under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).


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April 8, 2001: The latest snapshot includes even more bug fixes, more minor enhancements and the new Jython 2.0 Python intepreter.

March 31, 2001: The latest snapshot includes lots of bug fixes, a couple of minor enhancements and a new Ant-based build process.

June 1, 2000: Relay-JFC Snapshot-000601 release is now available on the downloads page.  There are some new screenshots that show off the new scripting features of Relay-JFC. 

April 12, 2000: Relay-JFC 0.8.1 is on the way with lots of new features including JPython scripting and Java 1.1/AWT applet support.

January 23, 2000: Relay-JFC 0.8 is available and includes API docs and sample code.  The move to SourceForge is just about complete.