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The significant features of Relay-JFC are:

  • GUI with multiple window interface.

  • Support for most IRC commands.

  • Color-coded message display.

  • Persistent user settings.

  • Tree-view of favorite servers and channels.

  • Console window for server messages.

  • IRC classes for Java programmers


Currently, there is no users guide for Relay-JFC.  The README file that you get with your download describes how to install and run Relay-JFC.  You have to figure out the rest by yourself.

Thanks to:
VA Linux Systems

Copyright (c) 2000 David M. Johnson
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IRC Links

IRC Help: IRC FAQs and tons of other info.

MIRC: The most popular IRC client on the net?  MIRC is shareware and only for Windows.

Eteria IRC - A light-weight JDK1.1/AWT based chat client. Works as an applet an as a standalone app.  Available under GPL.

ChatLet - an IRC applet client and servlet gateway.  Available under GPL.

ObjIRC - Originally payware, now open source!  An excellent Java/JFC IRC client with plug-in support, news ticker and other advanced features.

doIRC - Another Java/JFC IRC client, looks good.  Soon to be open source?

Lirc - A Java IRC client that uses an AWT GUI.  Support for DCC.  GPL licensing.  No longer under development?

JFA IRC - The Java Lobby's IRC client. Development seems to be stalled.

RFC-1459: The IRC protocol standard.

RFC-1413: The standard for ident servers, required for IRC.