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Before you install and run Relay-JFC you should to install a Java 2 Standard Edition runtime environment on your computer.  If you don't have Java, use this web page on Sun's website to find the right version for your operating system.

NOTE: Relay-JFC 0.8 will also work with Java 1.1 as long as the JFC/Swing classes are in your Java classpath.  However, this has not been tested since the 0.8 release.

Latest Release: 
Relay-JFC 0.8

The easiest way to get started with Relay-JFC is to download and run on of the installers.  Installers are available for Windows, UNIX and other platforms.

Please read the Relay-JFC 0.8 Release Notes before downloading and doing an install.


Platform Download



This EXE files is an Install Anywhere installer for Windows.
This self-extracting Bourne Shell script is an Install Anywhere installer for UNIX.
Not just a ZIP file!  This is an Install Anywhere Installer for "other" platforms: unzip and follow the instructions
Source code for Relay-JFC 0.8 packages as a gzipped tar file.


Latest Developer Release:

If you want to try the very latest version of Relay, download the latest snapshot release from the downloads page on Sourceforge.  

Snapshot releases don't include an installer, instead you just unzip or untar the download file into the directory of your choice and then follow the directions in the README.txt file to get Relay up and running.  

Snapshot releases include both the Relay program (binaries) and the Relay source code.


Thanks to:
VA Linux Systems

Copyright (c) 2000 David M. Johnson
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More downloads?

Go to Relay's download page  on Sourceforge.

Where is Relay-WFC?

The MS Windows Foundation Class (WFC) version of Relay has been discontinued due to lack of interest, but you can still download download Relay-WFC 0.5 from the archive.

 Where do I get Java?

This web page on Sun's web site will help you find the right version of Java for your operating system.